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What's a Cadence

What's a Cadence


People often ask about the origin of our name. Many people mistake the meaning with the popular women's name Candace, or guess that it was named after a child or special someone.  In actuality, the could have lots of meanings.

In runningcadence is often defined as the total number of steps you take per minute. An easy way to measure your cadence on a run is to count the times your feet hit the ground in 60 seconds. ... Good runners usually have a higher cadence because they usually go faster than beginners.

On the bike side, we look at pedal revolutions per minute (a.k.a. RPMs).  Cadence is the rate at which a cyclist pedals. 

For many, there is a cadence to a workout, a pace or tempo they try to keep.  In the military, there is a cadence to marching, a way of keeping time together.

It can have a spiritual connotation as well, just like our beginnings here at Cadence Clubhouse, which was founded on Christian principles and values. Cadence can be the beat of our walk through life. The rhythmic patterns of footsteps hitting the dirt or waves crashing on a shore can be quite therapeutic and some might even say spiritual, allowing a connection with God.

Cadence is a simple term with lots of meaning! For us, Cadence is all of these and even more... just don't call us Candace!  

Fia at Cadence Clubhouse

Keeping the Music Live for Local Artists and Fans

We all have unique gifts. We can use them to build others up, to encourage, and to inspire. The team at Cadence Clubhouse have the gifts of organization and community building, of creativity and boldness. These characteristics are required to take a massive industrial space, the home of Pro-bike + Run in North Park and add to it a cozy hometown café where locals can enjoy rich coffee, specialty wine and craft beer, freshly made bakery items and gourmet-ish food, and also something that has been lacking since early 2020.

Live. Music.

Live Music!

Aligning with their gifts as community builders, one of the goals of the Cadence Clubhouse team is to bring local musicians in to play at the cafe. It hasn’t been an easy year for bands, vocalists or songwriters. Most venues have either shut down live music due to lack of funds or because of COVID-related concerns, leaving artists stranded. Cadence has brought live music back to a community of both musicians and audiences that have genuinely been craving just this.

Fia, a fifteen-year old singer-songwriter from Gibsonia, has performed twice at Cadence. She loves the chill coffee house atmosphere, where people can listen casually as they enjoy their food and company amidst the high ceilings and sunshine that floods through floor-to-ceiling windows. Fia released her first hit single Dreams About You in January 2020. Her EP - Can You Hear Me Now - released the following March. By then the pandemic was in full swing, causing cancellations of several gigs, including her CD release concert. Despite the difficult year, Fia managed to perform fairly often at private events, and her music has been shared worldwide on Spotify, Apple and other streaming services. She has played original music all over Pittsburgh and loves Cadence because it’s a supportive and relaxed environment, the perfect place to try out new originals or covers she has been working on.

And also, she loves the coffee. Everyone does.

Fia has played in the café and is looking forward to playing in the beer garden or for one of the evening events Cadence often hosts, whether it be a wine flight Thursday or a game night Friday. It’s a wonderful place to perform, and it’s great to be part of Cadence+’s vision to support creativity, inspire people to use their unique gifts, and build community.

For event and entertainment info, follow Cadence Clubhouse on Facebook at and on instagram @cadence_clubhouse. For info on Fia, follow her on Instagram @fiamusicofficial or Fia Faletti on Facebook. Find Fia’s music on Spotify, Apple and all other streaming services.


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