What's a Cadence

What's a Cadence


People often ask about the origin of our name. Many people mistake the meaning with the popular women's name Candace, or guess that it was named after a child or special someone.  In actuality, the could have lots of meanings.

In runningcadence is often defined as the total number of steps you take per minute. An easy way to measure your cadence on a run is to count the times your feet hit the ground in 60 seconds. ... Good runners usually have a higher cadence because they usually go faster than beginners.

On the bike side, we look at pedal revolutions per minute (a.k.a. RPMs).  Cadence is the rate at which a cyclist pedals. 

For many, there is a cadence to a workout, a pace or tempo they try to keep.  In the military, there is a cadence to marching, a way of keeping time together.

It can have a spiritual connotation as well, just like our beginnings here at Cadence Clubhouse, which was founded on Christian principles and values. Cadence can be the beat of our walk through life. The rhythmic patterns of footsteps hitting the dirt or waves crashing on a shore can be quite therapeutic and some might even say spiritual, allowing a connection with God.

Cadence is a simple term with lots of meaning! For us, Cadence is all of these and even more... just don't call us Candace!  


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